A Reluctant Start

K P Paul, a staunch communist ideologue, got into trade, which is not a very common sight. He set up automobile spare parts and engine re-building work in Kerala in 1939. This was the stepping stone for Kuttukaran Group.

As the time progressed, the second generation, led by his sons John K Paul and Francis K Paul, wanted to take up the Maruti Suzuki dealership and they were awarded Kerala’s first dealership, which was also among the first lot in India.

Though the automobile dealership was a related activity, yet it was a major shift in focus. In fact, the founder of Kuttukaran Group, K P Paul, was reluctant to set foot in it as it was not an independent business.

His apprehension was that dealers are mere pawns in the hands of the principal, while the manufacturer would rule the roost. He did not wish to bequeath the autonomy of his business. But the younger generation begged to differ.

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