Ride to Bethlehem

Throwback - Ride to Bethlehem

Welcome to Season Fourteen (14) of the Carol Singing Competition – Ride To Bethlehem; the largest of its kind in Kerala with the highest prize money. The Kuttukaran Group has been conducting it offline for the past 13 years. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the management has decided to make it Online/Digital this year to encourage individuals/teams all across the globe who love singing Christmas carols. The contest is organized by the Kuttukaran Group (www.kuttukaran.in).

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The Process

  • Each team should sing and record their respective carols
  • Upload the carol video link in the registration form
  • A team of jury members would evaluate each video
  • Winners’ list would be published in the Organizer’s website and cash prizes would be distributed by the Kuttukaran Group


Prize money worth Rs 3,00,000 (INR 3 Lakhs)

Prize Money Split
Category Prize Money
Winner Rs 1,00,000
1st Runner Up Rs 50,000
2nd Runner Up Rs 25,000
Social Media Engagement Video Winner Rs 75,000
Social Media Engagement Video Runner Up Rs 50,000
Total Rs 3,00,000

Rules and Regulations

  • Anyone who enjoys singing carols can apply for the contest. NO age limitation
  • Teams could be from anywhere across the world
  • Each team should have at least 5 members and maximum 12 members. (Singing), Santa & angles will be Extra if Included
    • Teams who include Santa and Angels (dressed up) would get extra brownie points
    • Team Members may, if they so desire, opt for virtual carol singing, so as to keep social distancing. However, the final video uploaded for the contest should comprise all singers as a team as well as the live instruments used as accompaniment.
  • Each team must have a Team Name and would have to assign one member in the team as their Captain.
  • All communication related to the contest would be shared with the team captain either over Email/WhatsApp
  • Each carol song could be up to maximum of 12 minutes duration
  • Carol can be sung in English or Malayalam language.
  • Movements which are part of the presentation such as hand clapping, foot stomping and body percussion are allowed.
  • Participants should have at least one musical instrument accompanying live with the Choir. Please avoid a larger Instrumental team.
  • Props and Accessories can be used for the asthetical feel of the videos
  • Participants will be judged on dress code, clarity of words, harmony, tune, rhythm, expression, discipline, timing and presentation.
  • The aspect ratio of the video should be 16:9 and the video quality 1080p with good sound quality.

Registration Process

  • Teams can submit their videos with effect from 25th October 2020 until 25th November 2020
  • Registration fee is Rs. 500 per video.(currency for international teams?)
  • Each team can send a maximum of 3 (THREE) carol singing videos (3 different songs)
  • Each video can be submitted as a Google Drive link (without a technical need for the jury to seek permission to watch the video)
  • Contestants have to upload the registration fee payment details (screenshot/receipt) along with the video files in the registration form. Note: Videos submitted WITHOUT fee payment details would be rejected upfront.
  • The registration for Ride to Bethlehem 2020 has been closed as on 30th November 2020

Selection Criteria

S.No Criteria Points
1 Rhythm and synchronization 10
2 Mastery of the song and diction 10
3 Voice quality 10
4 Musical excellence and Harmony 10
5 Video quality 10
6 Creativity 10
7 Dress code 10
8 Use of Props 10
9 Judge’s Score 20
Total 100

Selection Process

  • TOP 100 Teams who get shortlisted in the 1st round would be intimated over email on further rounds
  • Winners would be declared on 31st December 2020

Key Notes

  • Please read the Terms & Conditions given in carol video submission form before submitting your videos
  • All the Covid – 19 Protocols by the Respective governments should be followed during the shoot (Guide lines issued by the Kerala Govt. Can be studied in the following link – https://dhs.kerala.gov.in/)
  • Kuttukaran Group will not be responsible for any breach of Covid – 19 Protocol by participating teams and the consequences related to the same.