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SING & WIN - Submit Videos

  • Videos uploaded for the competition should be in High Definition format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Enter Payment Details:-

  • If By Cash - Please enter the Branch and Name of the Account Holder
    If NEFT/IMPS - Please enter Account Holder Name and Bank Name
    If SWIFT - Please enter Account Holder Name and Bank Name
  • Name of Team MemberWhatsapp No (Country Code)Mobile NumberEmail ID 
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  • Enter Contact Details:-

    -> The submission of the videos to the Contest will be considered to be an acknowledgement of the contest rules and regulations.
    -> The amount of Rs.500/- paid as registration fee and submitted along with the online application for Carol Singing competition is non-refundable under any circumstances.
    -> Online carol singing competition is organized, sponsored and facilitated by “The Kuttukaran Group
    -> Any copyright/IP violations in the video shall be the responsibility of the participant. Neither management nor staff of the Organisers can be held legally responsible for such issues.
    -> During the course of the Contest, if we do not follow the rules & regulations defined by the Organiser or do not adhere to the timelines set, the Organiser shall have the right to reject my candidature and the decision would remain final.
    -> It is the responsibility of the team captain to check his/her mail box (Inbox/Junk folders) regularly for all contest related updates.
    -> TheOrganiser will not be responsible if the team captain misses out on checking emails that might carry important updates.
    -> The decision taken by the Jury or theOrganiser during eliminations and while deciding WINNERS of the contest, would remain final.
    ->The Organiser has the right to change schedule/dates for shortlisting teams and announcing WINNERs of the contest.
    -> Once submitted, video/s cannot be withdrawn from the contest
    -> Once the video/s are submitted for the contest, the ownership and rights on the video/s remain with the Kuttukaran Group and the team/individual cannot display the video in any other digital media platforms without prior approval from the Organiser.
    -> The participating team/members shall not make any comments/statements in public (over Visual, Print or Social media) that would negatively affect Organiser's reputation. If any such comments/statements are made and if found guilty, theOrganiser reserves all rights to take legal action against the participating team/members.
    -> The Organiser reserves the right to upload and exhibit the entry video/s on website or on social media platforms for marketing and promotional purposes.
    -> Only selected videos will be intimated by email. No letter of non-acceptance will be sent. All lists will be available on the Organiser’s website.
    -> Contact details of participants collected as part of the contest, will be used by the Organiser for future marketing purposes
    -> The information provided in the Application Form is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.